Global Transactions Solutions has packaged efficient and ready-to-implement software solutions for payment service providers to manage and control their payment activities

that helps managing transaction data by :

  • Protecting and generating more financial flows,
  • Capitalizing on and controlling flow data,
  • Analyzing and presenting financial flows to control authorities.

based on lastest technologies:

  • WLA Automation : Powerful batch engine,
  • Artificial Intelligence : ML & Expert Systems,
  • Workflow : BPMN-2 Integrated suite.

TraReconcile – Financial flows reconciliation

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WLA Automated reconciliation solution of electronic payment transactions and settlements

TraProtect – Efficient protection againts fraud

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Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning & Expert System) for an efficient and realtime protection of financial flows against fraud

TraJournal – ATM’s electronic journal processing

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Integrated solution for retrieving, archiving, processing and analyzing electronic journals for multi-vendor ATM networks

ViewPos – POS fleet management and monitoring

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Integrated platform for fleet management and monitoring of multi-vendor POS networks.