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solutions et services dans les domaines de la monétique

Global Transactions Solutions supports payment service actors by providing turnkey solutions including products and services in payment systems, control & decision making and in software development in general.

Payment processing solutions

Looking for an efficient solution, a business expertise or a technical support for your payment system or activity in Acceptance, Acquisition, Issuing or Transaction Processing fields including but not limited to: :

  • Payment Gate-Ways.
  • Card management systems (prepaid, credit, debit, sharia compliant …).
  • eWallet management.
  • Payment terminal networks management (ATMs and POSs).

Control and decision making solutions

Control and analyze your payment activities with our efficient and customizable solutions including :

  • TraProtect : Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning & Expert System) for an efficient and realtime protection of financial flows against fraud.
  • TraReconcile : WLA Automated reconciliation solution of electronic payment transactions and settlements.
  • TraJournal : Integrated solution for retrieving, archiving, processing and analyzing electronic journals for multi-vendor ATM networks.
  • ViewPOS : Integrated platform for fleet management and monitoring of multi-vendor POS networks.

Infrastructure and expertise in software development

We have carried out several large-scale IT development projects for national customers (Administrations and Banks) but also world-wide, particularly in Asia and the Middle East regions. We also achieved medium-sized pro-jects in development of innovative and intelligent man-agement applications based on latest technologies.

Tahnks to all these sucessed experiences, we have capital-ized on an integrated infrastructure and know-how that ac-celerates the development process of web applications while guaranteeing a good quality of the final product.

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